Why I Might Just Quit Facebook (You Should Too)

Facebook has done a wonderful job of creating an application that feeds into human’s need for personal recognition and a feeling of awareness about others around then, and not much more.

In the past week 14 people have asked me why I no longer post as much as I used to, and after thinking and thinking I realised that asides from my total disillusionment, it had become a right bore. Mind you, this has nothing to do with Facebook itself... although I call it 'facebook fatigue'

I think users on Facebook tend to try to make Facebook an extension of their internal Confidos, and other than that, just try to share boring life details or thoughts in an attention power grab.

I’m guilty of it and so are you. After you read this, you should be cured.

Watching your friends and acquaintances on Facebook is a bit like watching a long-form documentary about Farming. While you don’t know all of the specifics and details about either, you can kind of figure how it all goes down.

The details you learn about your friends’ ideas, lives and events are not surprising:
·         Clever people say clever things
·         Dumb people say dumb things
·         Hip people go to hip events
·         Boring people’s lives are boring
·         Good looking people take nice photos of themselves
·         Rich people do and own expensive things
·         Fat people eat a lot

On Facebook you’re only as good as your last status update and if you post at non-peak hours nobody might even see it, this I cannot abide. 


  1. For me it was more of a privacy issue... I missed people asking me where are you these days?? & it took the fun out of meeting old friends... I also didn't want an international identity card & when i read facebook's privacy policy it was enough for me to delete (not deactivate as the policy states they can still keep your info)... Bottom line - FB is useless!

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