Question Existence

Homeless man, have you been to a tap lately? Your face looks hard and caked with dirt. Do you know the coolness of water on your face? Do you look forward to its lingering caress down your cheek like I do? or do you go on, without a care and your heart content.

Is your belly filled like mine? With tasty treats and spicy meats.
Do you scrounge and scavenge for emptiness to fill your stomach?

Do you sleep at night like I do?  Warm, safe. Or do you dread the cold fingers of the night as they caress and stroke and engulf. 

Do you worship the African sun like I do? Or do you dread its heat? For you cannot take anything off. Like a snail you carry all your belongings with you. Saddened and burdened. Tired and hungry.
Why do you dress like I do not? In old clothes tattered and torn. In rags and dirt and plastic bits. Do you not worry about the seasons? The colours I wouldn't be seen in?
Do you preen and admire your reflection as I do? Or do you turn away in distaste and spit at the sight of your winter ravished face.
 When the dawn comes and the African sun rises do you see the world like I do? Do you think about your life and kick yourself for the dreams you let go? Or do you hope for a meal? A smile and a coin in your hand? Those things that I take for granted as I rant and rave at the Africa that lies barren in front of me.


  1. I hate Africa its shame for most of our bros in the streets are left behind in all social program! lets unite and egg them in they are our bros and sisters

  2. sad bt true
    guess we should be greatful 4 the things we have.

  3. i know right? seeing this man would have broken your heart. once you got over your initial revulsion

  4. African for sho, anyway the good Lord will take care of us. These pple really need help, how can we help if we also waiting for help.

  5. waiting for the drought to end. something made us all barren and it will take a lot more than financial aid to get us out of this rut

  6. Work in progress but yo use of comparisons is spot on I love it


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