Immortal Moments

i did something with my life. i climbed to the top of the Delta building and erected a Castle Lager sign. No fear of heights for me.
I expected to see smog, settled over the city but it's safe to blame developed countries for global warming. the air above Harare is clean..even if you happen to be right next to a beer boiler
Man gazing at signage, the pull of Castle Lager is phenomenal.

The view is breathtaking, and the wind fights to push you over the edge.  but like someone  once said any aerial  view is priceless. Moreso for someone like me who has never been on a plane.

this is the sign that Vulnavia built and that is the man who helped Vaal build it. gratifying to know that something you made will be seen by  a lot of people. even if those people just flick their eyes to it an look away.

my vanity couldn't stand me being left out of this montage. so there i am with one of the little elves that helped. sweet old man he is.
i have more pictures somewhere in my camera, things i will show people who care to ask. or things someone will stumble upon and know that thats what i did. even though i know i didn't really do anything. for whats life about if you cannot imortalise the little things for someone else to see? 


  1. hahahahahahahaha
    i cant believ i read this one to the end

  2. lol, thank you for doing so anyway

  3. read this to the bitter end.. you managed to keep my attention for a whole 2 minutes, Well Done lass!

  4. blog blog blog

  5. hmm vwery
    nyc one, bt hw tall was ths building. 1 floor tall? kiliki lol

  6. i went up 12 flights of stairs plus the ladder i used to get up


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