Peacocks and Eyelashes

I'm normally not much of a mascara wearer as I have quite thick eyelashes already (it was the first thing my mother noticed about me when I was born! Forget ten fingers and toes, it's all about lashes!), so I oftentimes don't see the difference with or without.
coming from a family of large eyed females, i've never felt the need to draw further attention to them. save for a dash of neutral coloured eye-shadow, all this to draw attention to the colour. and not so much the surface are they   take up. also. 

besides women wear make up for romantic reasons. or more importantly the peacock parade. i cant use that to make up my mind either. ever since i started having relations with my boyfriend his feelings on wearing any have ranged between indifference and a sloshed revelation...he thought it made me look sophisticated, but that was once long ago. so long ago that i sometimes think that i made it up. although he did once send me a text asking me not to wear any. talk about missed signals.
so these days i alternate between over reliance on my mascara and total indifference. never mind about the peacock parade. my peacock seems to have no feathers.


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