Make that The Bathroom!

My fingers are itchy, my pocket is empty, and our Honourable Finance Minister called our President a murderer. Parliament was shocked. I was delighted. maybe finally someone we'll start a revolution!

The accountant wants to rape the president's daughter; I am appalled and amused at the same time. No means no. But my wallet has been raped TIME and AGAIN. Every time I pay more than I should,it cries out, "no!". So I laugh at the accountants boldness and pat him on the back, and applaud his bravado...  Rape the president's daughter, indeed.

I told a man, to remove his hand from behind me today. I told him to release me from the grip his yellow coated foul smelling armpits had me in. Perhaps he expected me to ease back and lean on him. Or perhaps the bus made him feel comfortable, at ease. Perhaps he was making a statement. I know he made one to me, "check your armpits before you leave the house." heck make that the bathroom!


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