Big Fat Blues

Once you wake up late your day is bound to go downhill from there. You can’t find anything to make lunch with, so you ditch lunch and suffer your first hunger pangs the minute you walk out the door. You can't seem to get a bus and when you do get on the fare is doubled and because your luck is so bad you get squashed in between two fat ladies, who in your opinion should pay double. A fitting punishment for people who fail to realize that their weight affects not only themselves but everybody else who has to suffer through their heavy breathing and constant wheezing. Not only that butt do you have to go through the agony of contact with their skin which seems to have a perpetual sheen of sweat!
By the time you get into town, you smell just like them. Sweaty and stale. You are relieved because finally you can get off the bus but appalled at the time. All that suffering was for naught. And all those great sayings of the ages seem to mock you. No, there is no light at the end of the tunnel and this cloud does not have a silver lining. You are late for work again.
In the ten minute dash you make to try and get to work on time you are alternately inspired with good excuses and chagrined at the realization that you have used them before... maybe after all the best lie is the truth, you tell yourself. wait, no that won't do either, you don't want the boss to know that even after all these years, months, weeks, days you still haven't championed your inner clock. That little tiny voice like clock that is meant to wake you up from the deepest sleep. So once again you are left with no excuse. No tale of a dog eating your homework (sadly this is not school anymore). No story of some of bravery which involves you carrying people out of some wreckage... your brain has nothing zilch. 
So caught up in excuses that refused to materialise and be just the right tale to placate your boss you don't realize that you've reached your gate.
It’s almost too late for inspiration to hit, for that light bulb to go on in your head... it's going to be long day


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