Musings of an Office Worker

Outside my window... a parked car, a dark wood shed and an unkempt lawn. A cold wind blows ceaselessly, and a shy sun peeks throught dense cloud cover.there is nothing else to see save for a potholed road and the odd car going by.
I am thinking... coffee, warm fires and long baths.

I am thankful... for letters from the grave, strangers and the lessons that are thrown at me

In the kitchen... an old man tinkering away at the pots, water boils over. The smell of beef fills the air. A loud curse and a rush to the sink. He’s cut himself the old man has. My tummy rolls, I guess I’ll pass lunch today.

I am wearing... a red overcoat and fine
hounds tooth slacks. That’s all you can see really. Inside I am dressed for summer. Ready for the sun.

I am creating... a thought. To form a word. To become a habit. To become me.

I am going... to listen to music, to dispel this cloud that lingers around me, that makes me shiver so.

I am wondering... if I will get better. If I will become and if my pending birthday will herald a new age of wisdom.

I am reading... Jane Austen's Persuasion one chapter a day... my eyes have been giving me a hard time lately. Denial stops me from seeking any medical help. Or perhaps it’s the lack of money.

I am hoping... for that coffee now, the wind is blowing harder against my window. The shawl around my shoulders is not working.

I am looking forward to... coffee, lunch and a chat with a friend.

I am hearing... Adele...Chasing Pavements, she seems as confused as me, but i console myself. I am half heartedly chasing those pavements.

Around the office... a cluttered desk, a lone fax machine and a safe behind me.

I am pondering... how I might get out of it, and escape to a warmer place.

One of my favorite things... payday, it’s what I live for


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