The Emperor's New Status Update

I like the way everyone is so philosophical on social networks. So witty they are, and if it's not natural they fake it. It’s not their fault though. The world is cold and intolerant to stupid people.
So you click on a post full of clever little sayings and poetry... not forgeting quotes of famous slink away in shame. Hoping and knowing that nobody noticed that you passed by.
You slink away because really you can’t make heads or tails of those quotes. And those poems, really? Who talks like that? Heck it’s ok to be dumb as long as nobody's watching. But just in case somebody guesses that you passed by. Do what I do. Click on the like button. Heck it’s The Emperor’s New Clothes all over again.

(Gotta love that dead dude Hans Christian Anderson for such a great read)


  1. So true...
    They shud also hv a like button on blogs... Lol!!!

  2. lol, they do actually... some people just forget to activate theirs


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