Heroes hangup

I feel like someone put me in a washing machine and forgot to take me out again… Or perhaps  I feel rightly like someone who just experienced a public holiday placed inconveniently at the beginning of the week. Lulling you into a no-work-yeay-fun lassitude. Which is abruptly overridden by a hectic midweek start of a working week.
Because of that, I have the worst type of hangover. It is not alcohol induced so I cannot blame it on some vile chemical downed during ill thought out drink to impress weekend festivities.
No, it is my brain that is hungover. It just won’t compute.
 Like the brain of a 6year old pumped with too much mathematics…Or an abacus which simply does not understand the way of standard deviation.
it is in a mental rut, So used to the inane nature of television, twitter and facebook that it refuses to call forth a single accounting standard, or the reason for my being here at work today asides of course the forced activity that is brought about by the midweek epilogue of an awesomely elongated weekend.
Why couldn’t our heroes’ holiday have been placed at the end of the week? That way Monday would dawn busy and true. I would wake up, get my pda out. Plan my week ahead, a lot time for the reports and the weekly meetings. Go about my business with the complacence that is borne of Monday instead of the resentment towards a week that was bound to be lazy and filled with so many complaints and a general lack of productivity.
No one wants to meet on a Wednesday, start a report due on Friday, or work at break neck speed so that when the weekend starts they won't be bogged down by unnecessary mounds of work. I for one am not paid enough to work under these conditions. I find it easier to plan my week out over five days and spend the rest of the week leisurely going about the company’s business in my own time. 
Not to be forced to finish everything. To type. To make follow ups. To get up and go and meet. To go and see. To placate to entertain...all at the pace dictated by poor holiday planners!


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