Blogging Block

What is it about my job that has stopped me blogging?

I could do all my work in my sleep
Unlike what my lanky A’Level Accounting teacher tried to drill into me, practical accounting is not at all that hard. One could even be tempted to say that it’s so repetitive, it is boring.

I could do it all in my sleep in the last half of the month
I spend the first half justifying my salary. Monitoring systems that run themselves and making sure that people see things in ways that hopefully do not contradict my view of how things should run.

I could do it all in my sleep in the last half of the month whilst taking hour long power naps
I would justify the nap by saying that I work better when my subconscious is fully engaged in the task at hand. After all me and 80% of the world’s population have our eureka  moments whilst dreaming about fluffy clouds and purple elves.

And if this doesn’t work I would point out to him that Einstein did his best work whilst horizontal. This would start a long debate about how there have never been any pictures of a horizontal Einstein.

“If I may offer a rebuttal,” I would say, “There have never been any pictures of a horizontal Queen and yet, they spend roughly about 40% of their lives horizontal.”

“Might I also add that, once again my Sherlockesque powers of deduction have proven to you why I  deserve a raise.”
 I would continue, whilst furiously batting my eyelids like a half blind new born.
“Not only can I do all my work in my sleep in the last half of the month. I can do it in my sleep whist taking power naps.”

A never before seen feat.
Of course I get that I have not answered the question I asked, 'why I have not been blogging?'

 I will try and answer the why, by half quoting a great man.

A man in a mask.

<insert long pause here whilst I daintily scratch my head>

Nope, I got nothing.


  1. u have no reason at all for not writing??aftr starving us for so long?cld u also not think of things n write horizontally too then?lol.glad to hav u back

  2. No I do not,and for that i truly apologise and i promise to try a little bit more. blog a little bit harder :)


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