the clock

i've been watching it for sometime now.
ready to go home since 8am it shouldn't be like thi i should be ready for every day.
poised for success rearing to go.
 but my body aches and my brain is numb.
 when i leave today and i roll into bed
i'll be sure to school myself.
to tell myself why i am here.
 that i need the money.
 that tis silent war i wage with the man who holds my purse springs . will end soon.
 Now with e being african my lifes question becomes. will i drop everythng and be with the man i love or will i check myself and assess my goals. if i'd been socialised differently my mindset would be different i would be more individualistic. i would do me, but alas i a tied to my family. my mother who is helpless and not so strong emotionally. needs someone to validate her decisions someone to le her know that she is on the right track... that The Kids Are Alright one day though when my ship comes in i'm going.
leaving this job. getting on with my life <3


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