how my mind wonders

lately i have become interested in the things that have to do with ones cognisance. that is all forms of intellect but not in the academic sense. 

however i am more interested in my own as a barometer for my own personal success. trying to answer really deep questions like; where will i be in 5 years time? hopefully i wont be dead 2. and if i do formulate one do i have the intellectual capacity to follow it through.. a part of me doesnt think so but that part ahs more to do with the fact that i am neither a left nor a right brainer... i do not however possess the golden brain. it just simply means that neither hemisphere has the upper hand in my day to day thinking...

now back to what  i was saying.

 the other day i took an I.Q test...impressive score of a 117 not bad considering that i always reckoned that my score was a paltry 110. add to that my subtotal for Verbal Intelligece was 142 almost genius.. as it turns out this is the only subscore i know to get the rest i had to pay $10. rip off if you ask me. after all the work i did. answering 109 questions in 40 minc and the whole while i was under the impression that it was free.... now back to what i was saying...


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