The Girl Who Forgot To Write

A friend of mine asked me, the other day, to blog in Shona.

Easy, I thought to myself, no problem.

So I started with the basics. And by basics I mean poetry. Because, unlike prose I didn't deed to follow a set plot or formula.

What I came up with was a hostile selection of sentences. I couldn't come up with a single synonym, simile or verb, let alone idioms and verbs.

Shocker, I thought, Shona is my native tongue. I mean yes I dream in English and drop my Shona for choice English curses, but Shona is who I am. How then is it that I, the scion of those who never run out of things to say developed verbal amnesia?

I have resolved to look into this; even if it means cracking my brain open and poring through it layer by layer, I shan't be defeated by the language that is home!

Bodo ndaramba.


  1. Dreams in English....! :) Sounds all too familiar. Though it must be pointed out that generally people revert to their native tongue when they try to express themselves from an irate state of mind....! NB: "generally"....! -"you, you, you........ Imbwa yemunhu......" :)

  2. au contraire sir. it depends on how you were brought up. i generally revert to English


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