Why I Still Text Dead People


Morn after morn dispels the dark,
Bearing our lives away;
Absorbed in cares we fail to mark
How swift our years decay;
Some maddening draught hath drugged our souls,
In love with vital breath,
Which still the same sad chart unrolls,
Birth, eld, disease, and death.

And if we remember this with each breath and blink then death wouldn't be such a cruel mistress. It would beckon and we with a smile and relief would fold gladly in it's embrace. And we would remember as time echoes in our wake that as soon  as one is born, one begins the process of dying (sic), and then the tears on our cheeks would fade away, with a smile an embrace and a not so sad farewell.

We would look at death and whisper,

  "Come, for I have long waited, 
    I have toiled and I have suffered. 
   And now that my curtain falls,
    And the slivers of life grow thinner.
    I am comforted by your siren song."

This is to my darling Dudley, from whose loss I will never recover.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your loss <3 I've lost two friends, and I still have their numbers on my phone. xxx

  2. *sigh of relief* guess I am not so crazy after all :D

  3. New follower from 20sb! My best friend passed away 7 years ago and I still have his number, e-mail etc. in my phone. Glad to know i'm not alone! Really enjoy your blog!


  4. i have read this enough times now...i still text and fb my dead ex bf

  5. this is by far my favourite post. your pain is in every word. i am so sorry for your loss


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