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Kind Evolution

She stays talking about how I've changed, like how she misses the old me. So I asked, I'm still the same aren't I? I guess it was more rhetorical than anything. A part of me sort of knew the truth but wouldn’t admit to it. Looking in the mirror something had changed. 

The crack in the glass smudges in the edges. Who was I? She says I changed a lot and more than just a little. How was I never built with the switch, the label rewind I never came with. Maybe I'm just an older model of a later version of myself, some things I'll never understand. The mind can be flagrant the memory spaces fade over time the detail becomes fuzzy.

Not sure whether she's complaining or she's just hurt or it’s a combination of the two. Did I evolve and didn't even notice or she just stayed the same. I think she went and took a picture instead because the video wouldn’t take. Still images of reality, funny how she wants you to stay the same but never changed. She says i don't communicate. Really what is my excuse?

All this medium in front of me but instead I choose to live in ages where everything stays dark. Am I living in the future or is she too caught up in the past to see the present? Reminisces on what was and what could have been. In the morning she'll realise the reality of it all. Like cracking the curtain open and seeing the world outside, eventually and sooner or later we all have to break the dawn. Pack your bags and perambulate into the distance.

We both might show up at the train station but sadly the same can’t be said for our hearts.


  1. wow.amazing thoughts, well written.deep

  2. this are amazing thoughts, love it.

  3. I feel it should have gone on longer, I want more!!

  4. everybody changes and that's the beauty of life!


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