Working On Your People Skills...I Have None

‘Have we met?’

‘No I don’t think so.’

‘Are you sure? Because...’

‘I’m sure...’ with this I dart off.

Except wait, I do remember. You sat next to me in high school; you gave me a lift last week. You were the drunken guy sitting next to me in the kombi. You gave me a lift last week. 

And although I had so hoped to never see you again. It’s a small world and I find myself desperately trying to get away from you.

I never want to remember the people I meet. I am much more inclined to stick my nose in the air and scurry off. It is not because I don’t like people.
I don’t.

But that’s beside the point.

I seem to suffer from stage fright.

The thought of putting up an I-know-you-good-to-meet-you performance is daunting. Smiling, flattering and pretending to be remotely interested in what other people have to say.


Although I am quite paradoxical about it. If I met you and I knew you and you pretended not be interested then I would be offended. I want you to smile at me, to say hello. To remember my face. And then I want to have the pleasure of saying.
‘No sorry I do not know you.’


  1. Tafadzwa James what do you mean what?

  2. I can relate, I know exactely what you mean, though with me the fact is I really would have forgotten them. Very few people make a lasting impression on me.

  3. I always remember stuff especially people, some from pre-school. But ever since facebook & twitter, I prefer to keep relations cyber. That way I manage my time better & don’t have to devote time to being with someone real-time. I can tweet from the loo or be looking for something for 3 minutes and the BBM contact won’t know I’m not paying attention.

    Chances are if you don’t recognize me first, I will refuse to recognize you. I have a penchant for ducking ex-classmates & and all such. Life is good in cyber mode.

  4. you guys make me feel less mean. My bff says that I avoid interacting because it interferes with my train of thought at that time. How true this is I have no idea. All i know is that I would rather not stop and say,


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