This post begins the  first of my Guest Blogger series... thanks to Doug from World's View for this entry!


It started a few months ago when I stepped into the office and noticed a few strange faces in the Customer Services Team. One face in particular stood out, you know the same way that an uncouth woman stands out if placed amongst a more refined breed! It was not the jet black hair, the un-ironed clothes, the smudged up make up or even her shrill sounding voice, no! There was just that something from her that distinguished her from the rest; that defining quality that makes one cringe in disgust if approached for a date by a person from a lower class (no offense)!


Back to the fat woman. As she had been sitting down when I first saw her, I had not noticed her larger than average bottom. Imagine then my total shock and surprise when I was walking back from the gents and noticed a woman leaning over a desk. I must stress though that it was not the sight of the woman that caught my eye, but rather what follows. I don’t usually notice what the ladies in the office wear as they all tend to have a collectively poor dress sense, but on this one I had to do a double take! Showing in a daringly disgusting way, was a pair of cheap purple cotton panties. The black trousers she was wearing had somehow fallen down to expose the top half of her bottom. Now I have to ask; why did she wear an oversized pair of trousers on her first day at work? Why did she not bother to wear a belt? Why did she not bother to pull her trousers up as surely she must have felt the cool air on her butt cheeks as the air con was on full blast?

I will never get answers to those questions. We have all grown to accept that she feels comfortable dressed like that. If only I could buy her a belt!!!


  1. lol! you must get the belt. very very good read. :)

  2. You are so right, he really should!

  3. i can relate, these ladies are killing is. you never know what you might see when she bends over

  4. Well wow... Ok.... buy the belt anonymously send it to her somehow...


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