Conversations With My Tummy

I really want to type, and dispel the gloom of yesterday's post. This for some reason a lot of people found creepy.
Lord knows why because whilst I was writing I took a minute to read what I had put on paper and actually smiled. Yes I did. So imagine my surprise when someone took the time to email me and tell me how disturbed they had been by my blog. Oh well win some you lose some, I always say.

Ok I never say that.

So my stomach is grumbling and I am starting to see things. Little gnomes dancing on tables, and wait are there two of him, really? Twins? Somewhere in the hunger induced fog of my brain I know that there is only one of him.

I think.

Would you believe that I can actually taste my insides? Maybe my stomach is eating away at my intestines. Imagine that? Eating away at yourself, and then when you eat something ,because you don't have a gut to hold it in, all of it settles in your feet.

Neat take on what you eating going straight to your feet hey?

Like a bad episode of Spongebob.
Who am I kidding?

Show me one bad episode of SpongeBob and I will give you MJ.


Still no food and I have been having conversations with my stomach, which were eerily similar to those I have with my feet, just in reverse;

"Looks like I am not getting any food today huh?"

'Mmmmm you may be right about that'

'What’s that supposed to mean? Don’t you think you should be looking for some place to buy food'

'Well I already know a place; I just don't have the strength'

'If you had gone sooner then you wouldn’t be complaining about strength'

'Mmmmm you're probably right.'

'Stop that!'


What I do not get is why my stomach was getting exasperated. After all it was the one doing the grumbling, not me.Anyway, I thought that was that when with a burp, yes a burp it continued,

'You know you really are quite selfish.'

Nothing new there, my daddy always said I was. So I kept quiet.

'You would sit there and do nothing when I am this close to developing ulcers.'

'Fine, I’ll go drink water, which should fill you up.'

'Don’t you, you wouldn't. Vulnavia sit down, where on, oh leave that, drop it this instance.'

I’d had enough. All that growling and complaining. It’s like men are always saying...'women just don't know when to shut up.'

I hope I get food soon though. My muscles are starting to tic, and I am starting to taste my insides again plus those little gnomes are back, this time they’ve brought fairies and pixies with them.


  1. conversations with a body part? inga.

  2. Anebenzi ndeanerake. Kudzana anopururudza.

  3. oh come now, it's an awesome way of looking at it don't you think?

  4. Next time just tell the gnomes to bring the grub. :] Perhaps the fae will bring cupcakes!

  5. glad to know someone else has a little bit of my crazy in them :D


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