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N asked me the other day why it is that I never write fiction,
“I write best about the things I know,” I said to her.
Although this is true, it is not the entire truth, but I left it at that.
“You should try writing fiction,” L said to me the other day. Hearing this in a space of two days got me thinking as to why I never tried.
“I don’t lie well,” “I just can’t.”
“It’s not about lying it’s about your imagination,’

Funny how this never occurred to me but I got to think about it. One thing I am very good at is blabbing about nothing, going on and on and not saying anything.
So I started a fresh page on my laptop and began, in jumps and starts and full stops and commas, I started this story about nothing. I do not know if it is very good. I am just going where each word takes me. The ands, wes and therefores take me to a new sentence. I do not think I would work well with a plot. Not that I cannot follow rules but that would mean being stuck sooner.
 I have written two pages, I hope I will not suffer from writer’s block, I hope I  finish what I started or at least give my character a name.
When that happens and if ever I feel ok about the story, I will post it. Until then, wish me luck!


  1. you do have an imagination. i refuse to think otherwise. good luck. L&N will be waiting for the story..

  2. if i could lie as well as N maybe.


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