Unrefined Revolt!

Disposition of a battered woman,
Rightness of a woman uncherished,
You have endured, you have survived.
Still you wait.
For that redeemer who will not die,
For that saviour who will not come.

“Die!” you urge
“Leave us!” you beg
To a life anew,
A life renewed.

Where lays this elixir that gives you life?
This elixir that keeps you amongst us?
Take me to it;
Let me pour your life out,
Let me free dreams, beckon freedom.
Heal the wounds you have left opened,
Patch the pockets that lay ripped in the wake of your reign.

That sneer that patch,
That doctor’s fix.
That anger in your eyes, that resentment,
That pharaoh of my people.

What colour that makes you charge?
That white that makes you gnash,
The yellow you envy the black you seek to destroy.
Let them destroy you,
Let them come for you.
Let me see you flee,
“Go!” I charge
To a place faraway,
A place I have not seen,
A place they lock us from


  1. its about a woman who found herself in a wrong marriage in which at first it started off well but eventually the hubby leaves her for another then inturn he beats her up & leaves her for dead.With God's grace she survives with full of resentment upon the person who bashed her

  2. Thats a very interesting way of looking at it

  3. it is about a woman.. (or a man even) - what there are some battered men out there. anyway i think its abt a battered being who is fed up,so much that dying becomes an option coz everytime they try to flee, they always come back. here the voices within encourage her to flee, to leave, to go to a place far away...

  4. very nice Natsai, yes i know it's you. i never thought people would see it that way. what makes you say it's a woman?

  5. well i did say it could be a man?
    or an oppressed animal? a horse that is overused maybe? or a child that stays with the evil step mum/dad

  6. albeit the fact that country is referred to as she, with the disposition of an abused woman. beaten time and again but bullied into being with the same man

  7. whats with mispelling your name?


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