How To Get Your New Man To Throw You A Party On The First Date


It's quite an accomplishment to get a woman to go out with you, it is quite an accomplishment to get the lady to love you. With that in mind ladies when you start dating a guy you deserve a party for being so pretty/awesome/having such beautiful hands/fine skin/lovely eyes/ such a throaty voice.
All of that should be celebrated, so when he starts a conversation, here's how it should go.
“So what do you want to do? Movie? Dinner?”

You should answer, “How about a party…for me?”

“A party?”
“Yeah, it will be a good chance for me to meet your friends and for you to meet my friends.”

“A party?”

“It doesn’t have to be a big party…although that’s what I would prefer. It could just be at your place with a few friends and drinks.”


“And then after drinks we all ride in a limo to the ballroom you rented and meet the other two hundred guests. It could be dinner and dancing or dancing and dinner. I’m not particular about the order. Also, it would be kind of fun to have a live band because if this works out–and you throwing me this party is kind of making me think it might–wouldn’t it be fun to have the same live band play at our wedding reception and tell people this is the band that played on our first date?”
"Wedding reception?"
"Yes, although if you would rather have Oliver Mutukudzi, or wouldn't it be cool to hire Justin Beiber because I am pretty sure by then his voice would have broken and he will be age appropriate. And then we can have a circus theme and dress him up like a clown. Wouldn't that be romantic? And wait until you hear what I have lined up for the honeymoon. Ah my word you are sooo gonna love it."

From there slip in baby names and houses and college funds, just to be sure. Though I do so hope that none of it will put him off.


  1. "Babies?".... I'm sure your first date wasn't this 'awesome'

  2. My friend you would be surprised. He took me out for a movie, my first *laugh all you like* and he told me I was beautiful. There was a party in my heart that night

  3. Inga hako, I wonder wat my girlfriend felt after our first date.

  4. Let's hope you were her first and that she has noone to compare you to.

  5. LOL this was too funny! I totally should have done this when my hubby and I first started dating haha. The next time he asks me what I want to do, I'm gonna tell him to throw me a party :)

  6. Am glad you liked it, although all the guys that read his said they would be out the door soon as the chick got to talking about Beiber :)


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