Guest Blogger 9: Love and Other Drugs

Hola I'm guest-blogger Ashley from She Who Will be Tamed, anyway!

I have a bone to pick about society and love. Especially love songs.

Why the hell are all of them so damn whiny? It's not that it's just whiny, they're borderline pathetic and almost suicidal. 

Has anyone notice the trend where men are all like, 

"I can't believe you don't love me, look of all the things I would have done for you," which of course, sounds sweet, until you get to the hook where they're like "I would have jumped in a grenade for you, in front of a train for you". 

That's not sweet, that's not romantic and I hope to God nobody really expects the love of their life to jump in front of a damn grenade. The real story is, why in the WORLD is someone throwing a grenade at someone? A friend of mine was like "don't take it literal, wah wah" but I think it's sending a bad message out there for men and women. 

Honestly, if some guy told me that, I'd be quite terrified there's a huge difference between being madly in love and obsessive "I'm going to throw acid fluid in your face if you don't stay with me" love. 

Which is quite terrifying.

 Like dude, I know I'm pretty damn awesome but you gotta let me go, do me and stuff. I don't know, nowadays, the media is doing such a horrible job with love. It's either movies that guy meets girl, girl falls in love, girl does something messed up, guy runs away and then he realizes that she's his "one true love" or vice versa. 

It's a bunch of crap. 

They make movies about women being so desperate for love that they will do anything for it, one more that made me rage was What's Your Number, she slept with almost TWENTY GUYS, ohhh no, she must find her one true love before she hits twenty. 

I did the math and if home girl is 30 and if she started sleeping around when she was 15, she slept with 1.5 men per year, I'm not very good at math but my point is, I can't believe there was a whole movie slutshaming a thirty year old woman. 

It was horrifying, the whole movie her friends were like "OMG, SLUT, keep your legs closed". 

What the actual fuck?

 Nowadays, the world needs to embrace that women sleep with more than two people in their lives, back in the days, where women got married at thirteen, yeah, it'd be kind of weird if she slept with more than five people but women usually don't marry until well into their thirties, if she hasn't slept with at least one guy in her life...well...I applaud her.

 Good for her. 

I'm glad there are people with willpower but don't shame those who like to test the car out before they commit to it. What annoys me about media, well, the world, it's all about women needing a man, if she's well over her thirties she better jump on the first thing comes her way which has been a huge problem for me. 

I don't know how many cougars I had to fight off of the guy of my choice because she's too busy clubbing every weekend, looking for someone to fill her "soul". What's wrong with having a hobby that has nothing to do with love? It seems like if you don't have love, there is something wrong with you which I have a problem with that.

I'm not the type of girl who's looking for love, quite the opposite, I'm running in opposite directions. I'm the one who breaks up with a guy because I need to "live my dream" which usually involves going out with my friends and stumbling down the seawall, looking for my lost shoe and headband, drunk. 

Which is OKAY, if that's you, don't be ashamed of that, I'm twenty two years old and to me, that's young, well for me, I commend those who are my age and who are married. It means you are ready for love, people like me, aren't. I haven't experienced the world, hell, I wasn't allowed to date until I was eighteen, do the math, I've only been dating for FOUR YEARS. 

So when people side eye me because I have yet to find the one, it's like bitches, I can spend my money on a three hundred dollar Coach purse, have a strip-tease dance off at my friend's room and have sex with whoever I want, trust me when I say that I'm not entirely too upset. 

Sure, I want to settle down, I've met the guy who is PERFECT FOR ME but trust me, it is rare where I'm wailing "Bridget Jones'" style that I'm not married. 

So anyway, I just don't get why society is portraying everyone so damn pathetically, men are writing sad ass songs, begging girls to stay or either songs about girls pussy popping, same thing while girls are some sad specimen that sing sad pathetic songs or the sad girl who's chasing down a man to marry her.

Note to the media, not everybody is sad and pathetic. Please stop treating us as such. 


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