Guest blogger 8: Sex and the Pity

Sex & the City grossed $280 million dollars last year while 20 million people died of hunger in the same year. In 2005 major U.S tv stations ran 6,248 segments on Michael Jackson's child molestation trial. 1,534 on Tom Cruise, 405 on a runaway bride from Georgia & only 126 on the Sudanese crisis.

Vulnavia said i should write something light & engaging since her blog is premised on just that. Her blog gets far more hits than mine because it's the Sex and the City kind of blog & mine is like the Sudan Crisis. So to Miss Vulnavia i say thank you for allowing me to bring Sudan On the set of Sex and the City.

The porn industry generates close to $14 billion dollars a year while according to UNICEF 22 000 children die each day due to poverty. Seems the world is now comfortable with feeding their sex addictions than feeding the hungry.

Musicians show off their wealth on MTV Cribs to the people who made them rich. The people who made them rich now want to live like the people they made rich so they become greedy & selfish. So they are saving up for an ipad & their first LV bag they forget about the orphanage in their neighbourhood.

Lipitor is the most profitable drug in the world. It rakes in over $13 million annualy. No it's not for AIDS, Malaria or Cancer, its a cholestrol reducing drug for those who want that Sarah Jessica Parker like body.. (wonder how many will google it). These same obese people quickly change the channel when when a famine struck child comes on TV with flies hovering over him.

We are more comfortable watching America's Got Talent & forget Africa's Got Hunger. We drop coins in the blind man's plate while we keep the notes for the Gucci & Prada, we worked hard for it & we deserve it right? I bet he worked hard for his disabilty too..


  1. i think Dodger u may resonate well with Mark Knight @ or Neil Crammer @ post anythng to do with personal development & people ignore, try sex!! You are called a 'weirdo' & a 'junkie' when u dont follow mainstream, everyone wants everyone to be 'sheep'. Imagine 100 years 2Billion people's lives being shape by a bunch of 'talented people' deliberately thrown 'in your face' 's attitudes, behaviour dressing??? Would we be have the varied & marvelous cultures we have today? Where are we heading then? Are we 'broilers' in the making?

  2. This is such a powerful post. And you almost make me feel bad, sex and the city? but you are right. Al my sex posts have more hits than al the others. Thank you for guesting and bringing a different perspective.

  3. To chik-opera, who job is it then to make sure that the $14 billion spent on porn be used to feed the 22 000 children that die of hunger?

    Explain to me why Sarah Jessica Parker should care that 20 million people are starving? And most of the time, its the producers who make the money not the actors/actresses... I get your point though, I should think twice before I spend R45 on a movie. But everyone always thinks the next person is doing something about the situation.

    Do you really think that perve who is spending so much money on porn cares about the 22 000 people who starve?

    Just yesterday I was reading about a new culture in SA where rich kids burn their clothes because they are so rich and they can afford to buy more. Funny thing is these "rich' kids are staying in the ghetto and "burning someone else's hard earned money. They don't work, they are teens. So if that is where our culture is at, how will we get them to care about all the HIV + orphans who have no one left in this world?

    Don't get me wrong. I commend you for writing this article. I commend you for saying that stuff that is hard to hear. Yes we have people like you who actually talk about these issues and people like Vulnavia who are brave enough to let you talk about this on their sites but it's a messed up world and I really don't know if it can be fixed...

    that's my 2 cents...

  4. That is such a tough call and yes there is that someone-else-will-do-it culture that has become so pervasive in society. It's one thing to acknowledge it and quite another for one to take the initiative themselves and actually do something.
    BTW thank you for commending me, I like being commended :)

  5. Thank you all for the appreciation. All i can say is humanity is no longer humane. We are lost sheep who don't even deserve to be called humans anymore. We really need to save ourselves from ourselves. We are a failure.......... but there's hope & hope lies in all of us to' each one teach one'


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