Why You Should Get Married Before 21 :)

If you are me, explaining ceaselessly to your 6 year old sister why you aren’t married is tedious. Being cross examined by a 6 and 12 year old is slightly worse.

“V how old are you.”

(Mumbles appropriate age)

“How old is cousin V?”  (Not to be confused with V me)

I mumble a number which makes her 2years younger. It takes N about an hour to figure this out. Large numbers are still a bit of a problem for her.

“But she’s having a baby, why aren’t you?”

“Well…” I struggle to find a response, 6year olds are robotically engineered and any question is most likely a double entendre.

“You see,” I continue in my best grown up voice, “she is married and I am not.”

Big N who is beginning to understand life a little better pipes in,

“But you are sooooo old when are you getting married? I am telling you, by this time next year all the boys will see you as an old maid.”

“But you have a boyfriend; doesn’t he want to marry you?” N whines

“You should move out and find your own house, and stop bothering mama when you get broke.”

“Your husband should take care of you; if i were as old as you are I would be so embarrassed if I wasn’t married.”

“Well I am getting married at 19 when my looks are still fresh like L; your looks V are fading…”

They went on like this for a further half hour, during which time I scowled, frowned, waggled my finger and tried to think if being called old was a good reason to give a spanking.

After they had gone, i grabbed a mirror and tried to see if any wrinkles were showing yet. Lucky for me they are still a long way off.


  1. U sure u didn't c the wrinkles coz...

  2. lol, Lol I am pretty sure I did not see anything there. trust

  3. old maid... you better put on that *I want a ring attitude*

  4. All in good time my friend. All in good time

  5. My four year old nephew just asked me the other day why i have no kids...even got to the point where he said are you at least pregnant??

  6. lol sweetie, I used to think Zimbabwean chicks were pressured by older family members but it seems though, the pressure is from the young ones :/

  7. Wow, this is what kids say? Haha. Poor you. ;)

  8. That's how they think, ntsk imagine.


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