Life Is Painted Noly Red Green

A shadow painted whereyes, a shadow must fall.
the cow's breath not forgotten...

  life is painted noly red, green, but also in grey and dard.

Let us welcome life with smiles whatever it is.

Green Dreams, gift of the gods, and in this achievement effort. both
inward and outward. must play a great part

Think me not unkind and rude, that I walk done in grove and glen; I go
to the god of the wood.

Best wishes for my Best friends and welcome To our little happy world.
When you have problem, Remember me.please.

Cool Dogs Welcome to Cool Dog's Happy little world BEST WISHES FOR YOU
I now dend you infinite blessing at every each other for youth and
joy! Drip such acrid fragrance.
Miffy 45th Anniversary in 2000 Skipper's Schedule Fishing the seas for
a fishy story for the fishmonger.

Child Wonder The only excercise I get is when I take the studs out of
one shirt and put them in another New Taste Many reason have been put
forward for napolean fame, apart from those put forward by napolean
Dear my friend, Bob. Hi! Bob, How are you? I'm in the pink of health
Do you know that plastic model car race is now very popular in our
school? My car is "BOB Special No. 2" which you gave me some time ago.
It's really the best one which has been never failed to keep first
place at all races.

Snoopy for PRESLDENT Weber for Lunch * Editor's note: The drawing on
this pencil box showed Snoopy and Woodstock. King of Line Wisdom is
better than Strength
This is me talking now... none of this was made up. The Chinese said it.


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