Snap Judgements

Last night, I met a guy who, in a space of two
sentences had labelled me
bitter, a further three sentences on after mentioning
that I blogged, he
said that I had a puffed out ego adding that I was an
attention whore who felt the need for people to agree with her.

His friend then added that it made me seem
insecure; as I seemed to need
validation form other people.

I agreed.

Understand that blogging is
vanity publishing, and the majority of people who do
it want to be heard.
Although, I hardly think they want to agreed with, at
least not all the time . What this fine gentleman- who after a couple of
more sentences I labelled a
neurotic pervert with borderline misogynistic
tendencies who felt the need
to put people down in order to hide his own
insecurities- failed to ask was why I blogged.

Sure, I like people to agree with me but at the core
of it all, I genuinely
love writing; lists, diary entries, doodles on paper and
more importantly
stuff on this blog. Granted I do not always have time
but I really enjoy writing. The interplay between fiction and non-fiction,
thought and
inspiration, seeing it all unfold. There is no bigger a
fan out there than
I. You would be correct in your assumption that I
blog more for me than anyone else.

I may not be as good as Dickens, but this is what I
like doing.

A hobby.

Here's an excerpt from our conversation.
"Don't you have anything you like doing?" I asked.

X turned his gaze on me, smirked took a drag from
the cigarette that was
dangling precariously from his fingers, smacked his
lips and retorted

"I love sex," he paused for effect, "and I love

Dear reader I should tell you that such brashness
makes me uncomfortable. I
also think it is inappropriate to discuss sex in such a
manner to one you
have just met. So I gulped looked away and then
turned my gaze slowly back on him, whilst he and his pal hi-fived each other and
smirked some more.

Which, for a split second made me think of small sized apes pounding
their chests to validate their maleness.

I regarded him for a while,

"Different strokes for different folk," I said sagely.

I wanted so badly to change the subject.

"What can I say, I am a thirsty guy,"

he was.

Moments later after noticing how I had interrupted N
as she went on about
her Shona heritage, I noticed him exchanging looks
with said pal,

"You have bi-sexual tendencies," he guffawed and
exchanged another hi-five
with his pal.

Thoroughly annoyed, I turned my back on him
and spent the rest of the
evening talking to a politician who had been sitting
quietly at our table.

I became oh so interested in why he had not yet built
a dam in his constituency, as had been promised almost a decade ago.

"What dam?"

"A couple of years ago you moved people out of that
area claiming that the
government planned on building a dam."

"What dam?"

"The dam that resulted in the displacement of
hundreds of families from the
catchment area."

He continued staring at me blankly.

X's friend who had been eyeing N for a while, took
this opportunity to grab
my arm and point to a video of two people having
sex on his phone. "That's what your friend should do," and then he let
out a loud bark and
pleased as punch he hi-fived X.
Disgusted, I left with N in tow. It dawned on me that a man that
constantly went on
about sex was just using
the talk to compensate for a lot of things, which
happen to be none of a my a
stranger's business.

Vulnavia T. Gura


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