Article 4, and I found it refreshing to have someone who has been in the same room as a sex therapist and a porn star, blogging for this site. Here's N over at, well TWITTER  and as soon as I have the link to the show...yes video and all. I will post it.

Forget The Porn...Lets Do The Real Thing


In my line of work I have seen and heard it all. I love stories so it
Goes without saying that when it comes to doing a story, I love my job. 

Paperwork, now that’s another thing all together.

Last month we did a story on the porn and sex dilemma. We had
The chance to sit down with therapists, sex workers, the woman who sells sex toys, porn stars and anti porn stars. It was so interesting I had to do this blog hop. And because I like to sound like the wise one, so I will tell you just a little bit and keep the rest to myself.

 Just so I can get to speak about it at every chance I get. 

Look, sex love… everyone who writes about it wants likes to think their right and shove their opinions down our throats. There are so many  articles out there, some which are a just bollocks.

Let’s start with sex (this is all stuff I overheard).Those who have watched porn know how unrealistic it gets. Actors the bunch of them, pretending like they are having tones of fun and can’t wait to get it, two hours later they still have that same hungry expression on their faces.

 In reality, sex gets tiring.

Those shots are taken over a period of time, edited and put together to come out as two long hours of uncomfortable positions, a long sexual marathon session, without either one breaking and unruffled hair? I mean, come on!

So get the pressure off yourselves.

not all men measure 50cm, and not all men like those positions and some of the stuff they do in those photoshopped episodes of ohs and ahs.

According to the sex therapist,

 “Size does not matter at all, as long as a person knows how to operate their machinery and to serve it to their partner.”
She went on to say that these movies make it look like holding one can hold some positions of those positions without pain. When in reality you could probably end up getting cramps.

Or worse, one of you is going to start yawning from boredom. The act of love making is supposed to be something that two people enjoy.

 As for sex in the tub and the shower, that stuff is not easy.
You are bound to slip and break your neck. It is so hard that by the time you get started your mind will probably be on grocery lists.

Lets blame magazines and movies –for making that look so easy.

Unless of course you are a gymnast/ a contortionist/ anorexic/ underweight/ quite tall/ have the patience of a monk.
Unless you are one of these then sex is going to be no fun until you stop relax and forget the porn.

These are some of the theories that were explored in this story plus the other stuff I said I would keep to myself. Now do you understand why I love filming stories?

The audience gets the edited versions, but the uncut stories are more fun.


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