Public Toilets Freeze My Pee and Other Stories

 If you cannot see this I am terribly sorry, I am not a techno geek and drawing that took all the skills I posses, don't give me that squint eyed judgy look.

Any how

If ever I make the mistake of not using the bathroom before I leave home, this is what I will be forced to use. That lovely lady stands sentinel at the door and asks for 50c every time some hapless pedestrian wonders into her domain.

She is a council worker; her job is to keep the loo clean, she does not. The one time I tried to use the toilet the very sight of it froze my pee, it wouldn’t come out.

There was filth everywhere! 

I liken her to a giant troll that lives under a filthy bridge, or an ogre that revels in its own filth.


In other news...

...A picture is worth a thousand words.
This happened yesterday.


  1. I cannot read what that woman is saying either, but it's
    "I don't CARE if you are desperate! you pay 50c."

  2. haha! you got rained on? buy an umbrella dude *sticks tongue out*

  3. I have one, it's just that the rain was unexpected *pulls your tongue out*

  4. "Mr Cool"Shingie Richardson Garande25 November 2011 at 10:31

    buy an umbrella for contigency

  5. "Mr Cool"Shingie Richardson Garande25 November 2011 at 10:33

    knock off the woman till she gets to her senses

  6. Wow, paying to use the bathroom? Never done that. ;)

  7. it's the norm here if ypu want a clean one that is. That woman and her loo are an exception because that bathroom was hust nasty.
    You should visit Zim, you'll find yourself paying for a lot of stuff ;)

  8. I once knew someone for years (I'm talking into her 20s) that thought there were purse holders in port-a-potties....when in fact she'd been (for years I repeat) putting her purse in the urinal!! I'd be happy to have my pee freeze.

  9. Oh my, how on earth did she justify the smell of her bag afterwards?


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