The Heat Has Melted My Brain

I am a self confessed TV junky. More precisely reality TV when I was 18 I used to watch every episode of other people living out their lives in the public eye so that I could upstage my peers when I went back to school. N included.  I would spend prep and all my free periods stowing virtue upon virtue upon whatever “Orange Midget” had the misfortune of gracing my screen at that time.
“Did you see the episode when she got dumped...?”

“Those fabulous shoes...”

“I heard she has a new album out now...”

“Her dad threatened to disown her...”

On and on it would go, till either a gong went to signal lunch time or a prefect walked in with their ‘legal pad in hand a frown on their faces.

“Hand me the noise list, class monitresss, and Vulnavia better be on it.”

Years later when someone asked me why I was never mad e prefect I blamed my encyclopaedic knowledge of television. I never once thought that this in any way had impacted my grades.

Wait that’s a lesson,

Reality T.V = Bad Grades

Something I have learnt belatedly. 2 high school certificates and a degree too late I might add.

What else was there to do really?

I have the concentration span of a howler monkey. And I say this not to be unkind to myself but its 20 minutes then I zonk out 20 minutes and I zonk out.

Anyway I would have loved to write more but this heat is zapping all my thoughts away before I have even had the chance to write them.

So I have taken to blogging after dark, which begs the question, should I rename the blog to “Vulnavia after Dark”?? Sounds pretty good hey.

Regardless, the last time I tried to blog in this 42 I needed up losing a lot of detail in the editing and coming up with a couple of incoherent sentences. Small wonder none of you noticed. 

This says a lot about the type of audience you are really.

So I am off to soak my feet in a bucket filled with ice water. At such temps my feet swell up so bad my toes tend to resemble little sausage stumps and I have a hard time trying to tell people that,

“No I am not ill, neither is this a genetic disorder.” Rubber stamp that


  1. I knew something was missing but i never noticed :)

  2. “Vulnavia after Dark” that sounds so wrong! Imagine if I say, “I saw Vulnavia after Dark & had a jolly good time”. If your dad or brother is there I will lose a tooth or two before I gasp for air and clarify that I read her blog titled, “Vulnavia after Dark”

  3. You could say that yes, and i suppose that sort of title has been patented by Khloe Kardashian for her radio show "Khloe after Dark"
    I still like it though, it has a certain va-va-voom attached to it


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