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In my noble, and maybe somewhat impossible, quest of understanding everything in the world, I must say, there are still some gray areas that continue to baffle me. Maybe there are some people that “get it”… or do they really? I need some help, so I did what I do best; I made a list:

Top 10 Things that I just don’t get:

1.            When people “Like” their own status on Facebook – We already know you like your status, duh! Otherwise you wouldn’t have posted it.

2.           2Vampire mania – I know I might actually get stoned for this one by an angry Twihard, but I don’t get the current vampire obsession on the big and small screen. There’s the Twilight Saga, Vampire Diaries, True Blood and probably eight others I don’t know the names of. Pale, undead and brooding? Please, can someone explain the appeal?

3.          Google Plus – Does anyone actually use this? All I know is that I’m in a circle or something… uhm, that’s about it. Now what? Can’t I just use Facebook?

4.       Heavy Metal – These people sound like they are in agony, and must be saved from their misery, please. And the long hair?

5.          Inequality – Why can’t gay people get married in most countries? Don’t even get me started!

6.           Lindsay Lohan – Girl has got to get her act straight. What’s wrong with her? Can’t she just at least try not to have a new mug shot every six months?

7.           Baggy pants – Isn’t, and never will be, flattering on anyone

8.       Mathematics

9.           Squatter toilets – Since I’ve been living in Taiwan, I have struggled with this concept many times. I still don’t know how to use one without getting pee all over my feet. Why do people still use these toilets if you can just use a regular toilet?

10.      Why Lady Gaga follows me on Twitter – I’m not kidding; she is one of my 249 followers. I guess she likes my tweets about the current weather in Taipei and how much I hate my braces.

If you are “in the know”, please enlighten me. Also, you should share things that you don’t get and maybe someone have the answer to your source of bafflement.


  1. I just finished my list of things I don't understand. I'm with you on all of these. I had the same feeling about Google what? Nice list!

  2. I happen to like my own status and the general feeling for me is, because I can, or some other reason just as Narcissistic. I daresay Lady Gaga might be interested in your thoughts on Squatter toilets, and thats that.
    I am going to need a little more time to come up with my own list.

  3. Excellent list. My husband likes some heavy metal and I swear my ears are going to shut down in self preservation and never open again.

  4. Summer, I read your list and I think it's so funny that we both mention the "Twilight Saga". I'm glad I'm not the only one that just don't get it..

  5. Joslin, I understand your pain! The Boyfriend now knows that heavy metal is forbidden in my presence. But sadly that goes both ways; no Rihanna in his presence :-(


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