I Seem To Have Lost This Weeks Guest Blogger

If you follow this blog then you will know that every week, I find some person from the blogging Internets and ask them to take the burden of posting off my shoulder for Wednesday.
Up till now I had been doing quite a good job of suckering someone into doing that for me. Not so this week, I asked my buddy Dodger and he agreed 2 weeks ago, things seemed to be going well between us, till I told him not to post politics or anything serious. You see I get bored easily and I figured if I wanted a discussion on politics I would hop over to The Economist website, which I do on occasion.

To this he said I was infringing his right to... express himself and what not, and how I was no different from what ZANU does to every independent media in the country, oh well *shrugs*

I suppose I should have let him go on about the Prime Minister's $36000 bride.

Anyway bottom line, he went A.W.O.L


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